by glum

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Lukas Aaron - drums
Tyler Moore - bass
Sam Hall - guitar
James Sullivan - guitar / vocals


released May 19, 2017

Produced by Sam Hall
Mastered by Bill Henderson
Art by Erin Schaenzer



all rights reserved


glum Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Lucky's Room
unf*cking loveable I'm out of tune I'm so confused
you're in my head but I'm not there, I wanna be there, I wanna be there
"I wish you did more drugs" you just don't have much fun
you'll be fine for now, I'll be right there, be downstairs

even though it all worked out and we're fine, I thought it'd be a funny way to die
Track Name: Outside
Hey! I know you from before, but I forget the name. Now we're sitting on the porch and I'm drawing such a blank. You were only through the wall, yeah you were always there. Here, it's been left out too long, and I'm filling in the blank. I can't think about the future, procrastination beckons, I can't think about the future
Track Name: Ride Home
I don't want to be here at ALL. I'll need a ride home from this. I've been so tired, I'm not myself. All my old friends now think that I am someone else. skeletons from my past life.

I'll wait a while for it. my best intentions. you wouldn't get it if you tried. you wouldn't like it. we're so very different.
Track Name: Broken Egos
empty opinions, broken egos, dissertations, never worth it.
another cheap realization: Kids on The Boardwalk was always on when you and I were apart for the summertime.

oh my god you're so smart
oh my god you're so strong

paternalistic, so apathetic. since when is it hard to be an asshole?

another planned crisis averted, why does it always have to be so god damn ironic? I'm in the basement, you're in the driveway calling me.

and when you're thick skull starts to crack, and you come up through the grass, you are 17 on parole! so wave goodbye to way back when, because "good times" never last. and you're just a speck of dust on the floor.

city of broken egos